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2x2 Wälder (2x2 Woods)

WF (Wald in Feldkirch)
Austria, 2018
Acrilic on Canvas
2x90x90 cm

WH (Wald in Hornedo) Spain, 2018
Acrilic on Canvas
2x90x90 cmT
Two diptychs, one made in Feldkirch, Austria, and the other in Hornedo, Spain, were shown in the terrace under the arcades of Hecht Cafe in Feldkirch, during a concert event in 2018. The idea came from our enthusiastic friend Wally, the owner of Hecht Cafe, with the words “we will tell a nice story” (eine shöne Geschichte). The installation was made with the help of the artist and curator Arno Egger. The paintings were intended to compare two landscapes, one in Spain and the other one in Austria, which are perhaps not as different as we might have imagined. A double large format of 180x90, although they could be seen as four single and independent squared paintings.