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vielleicht. oder. aber
Café Feurstein
June 2022

vielleicht. oder. aber (Feldkirch 2022)

Zwei Vögel (Two birds)

Christine Hartmann, (Bregenz 2022)
“vielleicht. oder. aber” (perhaps. or. but) is the title of the text that the well-known Viennese writer Christine Hartmann, who lives in Vorarlberg, has written especially for this exhibition. Her words describe exactly what my paintings want to tell. I could not be more grateful. I would especially like to thank Marie-Rose Cerha for her mediation. She brought us together into a such a creative contact.

The small exhibition of two paintings and a text can be found in the recently reopened Café Feurstein in Feldkirch. We were all looking forward to this new time of this beautiful café by Wally (Waltraud Waldner), the former owner of Café Hecht (whose entrance and that of the Feurstein I painted in 2020). I am very grateful for the initiative and the trust Wally has given me to be the first painter to be able to exhibit there.

Painting and the text in Café Feurstein

Christine Hartmann and me in Café Feurstein. July 2022